Gaia Gestalt

Gaia Gestalt is a procedurally generated exploration game. It’s a game about scaling mountains and swimming lakes. Seeing the world and learning from it. It’s a game about destruction and its consequences, a finite story set in an infinite world. Approach the land as you see fit, traversing obstacles or reshaping the ground to your needs. Find the hideaways of the gods, uncover the landmarks of this world both natural and not. Piece together the embittered history of this place.

Bets are that Gaia Gestalt will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux very early in 2015. It will have full keyboard and mouse as well as controller support and will be roughly five hours long.

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in Space

All the way from the arcades of pixel-world comes in Space, a fast-paced procedurally generated infinite round-based action and match-three puzzle game hybrid with persistent upgrades, mad difficulty options, and a pumping soundtrack.
“Doesn’t require taking mushrooms” – Kill Screen.
in Space is a game that combines simple mechanics to create engaging gameplay, and with each unlocked ship comes different weapons that change how you play, from the immensely destructive quadrubeam of the Starship Pacifist, to the time manipulating powers of the Death Cloud, the explosive assassination techniques of the Sniper’s Hand, and the ability to reform space itself held by the Mouse of the Fourth Wall.
“Unabashedly retro yet forward thinking at the same time” - GameZebo (4.5 out of 5).
The entire game is wrapped in the aesthetic of an Atari 2600, with music by Matthew le Blanc. It features four modes, including Match Three and Survival, no load times, one boss fight, and enemies that will test the very fibre of your being.
in Space, no one can hear you match three.
Vote for it on Steam Greenlight here, or buy it from Desura or the widget below. You can also also download the demo for your preferred platform here.